KCMO 2019

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About Me...

Just a skinny white kid in that Texas sun...


Learned how to play in church from my Dad. Mom played accordion. Eight kids we all sang full throat. That's me front row, left (stage right) shorts.

Gotta pay yer dues if u wanna sing the blues...


Raised in Texas, my Dad made some $$ and we moved to NYC, where I studied painting/sculpture at Pratt Inst in Brooklyn. I then joined the Marines. Moved to Kansas City in 92. Got married (again), made a beautiful girl child who loves playing violin. 

Bill Burroughs told me personally, "Not an artist in the world worth spit that I ain't heard of." Legacy...make your name


Having raised my daughter I now wanna get back to playing live. I've been polishing my writing and my chops...I'm ready. I'm currently engaged in band-work and solo. Always ready to tussle w like-minded artists.  

Joe Roberts & The EZ Answers

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Do you have questions, want to book a show, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out and let's make magic happen.  Find my videos at: Vimeo/StanleyJoeRoberts

Stanley Joe Roberts

Kansas City, Missouri United States

(816) 820-6852

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